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IPCO Plug X4

The IPCO Plug X4 has a large diameter range which reduces the need for stock and makes selecting and ordering the right size easy. The working pressure is high and is the perfect solution for most applications.




IPCO Plug X1

The IPCO Plug X1 can withstand extremely high working pressures and works in heat exchangers under the harshest conditions. If the application places even higher demands on the plug than what is possible as standard, IPCO can carry out additional investigations and tests to meet specifications upon request.

Setting the standard.

IPCO Plug partners

New size ranges

As a durable and professional solution, the IPCO Plug X4 has been very well received in the industry and more than 90% of end-users and installers have made the move to adopt it as standard. IPCO has been working to expand in this range and we have recently started supplying this IPCO Plug X4 range as small as 13.5 mm. As a result, the IPX4 135, the IPX4 145 and the IPX4 155 are now available, all with a standard working pressure of 175 bar. Naturally, this fully complies with the applicable PED guidelines and has been proven and confirmed by the DNV as neutral authority or better known as a Notified Body.


Perfect solutions deserve local representation and we call this the IPCO Plug partners. These partners ensure that the high quality of this safe product presents itself to end users and that the IPCO Plug product is available locally. IPCO is present in numerous areas, but are still looking to expand.

Many partners keep stock of IPCO Plug products themselves to be able to respond quickly to market needs. But in addition, IPCO has a large stock in the Netherlands and can process orders immediately or – in case stock is not sufficient – start production immediately.



IPCO provides technical training for the safe installation of IPCO Plugs and the use of the Tube Testing Systems at the IPCO T-DEC (Training, Demonstration and
Education Centre). Training can also take place on location. Skilled and certified professionals provide this training. In addition to the technical skills, the participants are also trained in identifying, assessing and preventing any risks associated with working with heat exchangers.

About us IPCO Plug

About us

IPCO has been a leading company in safe and sustainable solutions for the inspection, maintenance and repair of different types of heat exchangers in the various process systems since the early 1990s.

To meet the needs and requirements of our customers, we offer an extensive product range and a complete service package.


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